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December 7, 2013
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CL: Sihka by Niipanda CL: Sihka by Niipanda

The description for this app is definetly a lot shorter than my other ones ^^; hope thats okay

App for :iconcombo-lock:

Name: Sihka Meidi

Nickname: TBA

Level: 1

Age: 28

DOB: October 4

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Division: West Cauraha- Support


"How very primitive…I like it!"


"Please relax…I’ll dissect you very g-e-n-t-l-y~"



Sihka’s very child-like. She’s overly curious about everything and especially that way about people. Sihka always follows people around if she finds them interesting. If she finds something that she really likes about someone’s physical traits she’ll touch them on impulse. She also doesn’t understand the concept of personal space. She’s very optimistic and easily excitable. She seems to have a hard time getting depressed because she sees everything and everyone in a positive light, finding beauty in everything from a man’s hairy chest to a crack in the wall. She has a hard time seeing the negative qualities in a person because of this and pays the price for it. She has no sense of danger at all and will approach anything that piques her interest.            


Sihka’s also super creepy when she’s trying to experiment with or dissect people:

 If she offers you a mysterious drink that she most likely made in her lab, don’t drink it. If you’re a khadroman or a pandemonian, don’t accept any drinks from her at all because she might have drugged it so she can dissect you later.  

 - Optimistic

- Excitable

- Overly Curious

- Excitable

- Adventourous

- Lacks common sense

- Impulsive

- Creepy

- Outspoken

- A little socially retarded


- Anything supernatural (Pandemonians and Khadromans included)

- Coffee

- Sharp and shiny scalpels

- Cooking at her chemistry table

- Traveling & Sightseeing (especially in Pandemonia and Khadroma).

- Experiments…that tend to be a little unorthodox



-Being interrupted

-The cold

-Terrible coffee

-Dull scalpels



-Can walk in high heels for long periods of time.

 -She’s really good at tongue twisters.  


    Like most West Cauraha graduates, Sihka came from a wealthy family. Her father Kal was a prominent doctor. Kal piqued Sihka’s interests in the medical field since she was a child, giving her children’s books about human anatomy. Her father was also very eccentric and had a great interest in the supernatural. He was always like a child in a man’s body, so curious and full of wonder about the mysteries of the world. In elementary school, Sihka was always ahead of her class so when she got into middle school, her father let her stay home and just study on her own. Her mother Lidka, was constantly worried about Sihka's social life and her parents had Sihka attend West Cauraha High. Sihka became friends with the daughter of one of her mother's close friends, and they were best friends throughout high school.


 Sihka wanted to be in the medical field like her dad for the longest time. After she graduated, she went to medical school. Ever since Sihka found out about Khadromans and Pandemonians she believed that they were key to humanity’s survival. If humans could use powers, it’d even the playfield for humanity and their place in the world would be much more secure. She knew for sure that she would be rewarded greatly for such a breakthrough. Instead of becoming a doctor, Sihka became a scientist. Her ultimate goal was to make super soldiers for the military once she found away for humans to be able to use powers without the help of contracts. She asked her dad for two safe houses that he owned. In case someone ever wanted to find her research, she made her lab in one of the safe houses and used the other one as a decoy. They’re both still used to take in refuges and despite her ulterior motives, Sihka does take care of her guests....every now and then. But living test subjects that are willing to volunteer are hard to come by…so who knows what other kind of ‘treatments’ she’s giving them.   




- Buys a lot of random and shady merchandise that tend to not work or are complete rip offs. She’s from a rich family though so I guess she doesn’t have to worry about going broke…yet.


- Wears a thermal suit under her top because she gets cold really easily.


- Actually prefers wearing high heels over everything else. (The crazy woman goes everywhere with them).


- Sometimes makes coffee using the flasks at her lab.


- Decorates her lab with tanks of all sorts of bizarre dead creatures.

- Blasts heavy metal and rock when she's really into her work at the lab

- Her best friend from high school is currently a fortune teller. She visits Sihka's lab every now and then.


- If she falls in love with someone, she gets into her stalker mode to learn more about them. She’s fails at stalking people though.

- Puts her hands in her pockets like her dad when she's in serious mode.

Contract Availability:
  Available :iconlazeplz:


Weapon: Scalpel (Though she barely ever has to use it).


Health: 190
Magic: 30
Defense: 135
Speed: 135

Battling Style: To run and survive, plain and simple. She uses explosive powder, but she can only make powder weak enough to distract the enemy while she flees. If the enemy is in close-range, Sihka uses tranquilizers. As a last resort, Sihka stabs the enemy’s vulnerable points with her scalpels.


[Main Theme]
[Battle Theme]
[Sad Theme]


lol yes XD


Yeah she's still friends with her. They're sort of similar when it comes to hobbies, cause her friend likes the supernatural and she's actually like a amateur fortune teller now. She visits the lab every now and then. She definitely a lot more calm than Sihka though... XD 

The woman doesn't know how to fight. What can I say :iconclimaxplz:

lol ok :iconotlplz:
riepocaliptica Dec 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
We would get along so well. So, so well.
But yeah, I really like her o v o Both the design and the description, tho i would love to hear more about her social life. Is she still friends with that girl? Did the friendship changed something about her? //likes to know crap like that OTL
And i really like the battle style you gave her = 3=

Still reminds me of zoe tho OTL
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